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Donnie Dhillon

London Business Growth (ActionCOACH)

Director Consultant

My BusinessFreedom is often the desire most people begin with when starting a business, and this can mean different things to different people. This usually is about having the lifestyle and control over destiny that is the main attraction at the start, but this slowly fades away. The reality however is that most people end up over time with a job they call a business and are often the cheapest employee at that. My business is about empowering my clients to live the life they once dreamed and ultimately developing a business that can run without them. Results is the main focus of all engagements and once the results are defined, there is only on way forward and that is delivery of those results. So be it long hours, team challenges and lack of progress in terms of turnover/profit, we drip feed the right powerful strategies into your business towards the results you want to see. We offer guaranteed results for some of our programmes too, thats how confident we are!

Ideal ReferralBusiness owners who run GOOD businesses already who are however ready to be G-R-E-A-T, and take a new level of growth in not only their business, but also personally too.

Top ProductBusiness coaching programmes to suit every business, speed of traction and budget, from group coaching, bespoke 121 monthly, bi-weekly and weekly coaching programmes.

Top Problem SolvedClients see an average of 61% increase in revenue and a 42% increase in profit. One example of a top revenue increase was a business with £1m revenue at 2015 which was grown steadily over the previous 10 years, and by end of 2016 we helped this business grow it's revenue to just over £2.2m. That's a 220% increase in 12 months.

My Favorite BNI StoryNobody is too busy, its just a matter of priorities and setting your goals.

My Ideal Referral PartnerTrusted business advisors such as Accountants, Solicitors, Bank Managers and Insolvency Practitioners.